Updated May 23, 2010                                                    

On November 15, 1956, TWA flight 514 landed in New York from Hamburg, Germany bringing Reinhold Dittenber's family to America; ending approximately 180 years of migration across across 4 different European Countries. 

This website devotes much attention to Jacob Dittenber, who was born in Kukkus, Russia and settled, and raised a family in, Romanovka, Kazakhstan; and Reinhold Dittenber who left Romanovka as a young man in the Russian Army, and defected to Germany, then to the United States.

Many Dittenbers left the Volga region around the turn of the century and settled in Nebraska, the Great Lakes area and Northern California. With a name like Dittenber, there is little doubt they all came from the Dittenbers who first settled in Kukkus around 1767. However, the Reinhold Dittenber lineage remained in Europe until 1956.  Many of Jacob Dittenber's children stayed in Romanovka until the early 1990's, then departed to Germany as part of that country's amnesty laws.

As more records become available and as more independent research is published, the Jacob and Renhold Dittenber family lineage may be linked to their ancestors in Kukkus; who in turn may have relocated to the United States at the turn of the century.

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